Babaji suona la chitarra

Hairakhandi Shakti Mala
Hairakhandi Rescue Remedy

Series of CDs of bhajans from Hairakhan by The Hairakhandi's edited by Jai Datt. Books by Kalavati with all the texts in Sanskrit transliteration, Italiano & English. Recorded live in India during festivals gathering hundreds of devotees from all over the world, bhajans are sacred chantings: the Lord is adored in His glory and His manifold forms with joy, gratitude and love. Many bhajans have been composed by devotees of Babaji, others come from the ancient Indian tradition. All the mantras and bhajans sung in every Ashram of Babaji worldwide by The Hairakhandi’s.
Singing with the bhajan will give the same results as Mantra Yoga.

Scientifically tested for pains of the body, mind, soul, at any age. Dosage: minimum 20 minutes listening early morning and evening, before meals.


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