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The Lord of Wisdom


All Tantric and spiritual worship in the Hindu tradition begins with an invocation of Ganesh, the unshakable. He provides firmness to those who meditate upon him and invoke him at the beginning of all undertakings, spiritual or worldly, such as building a house, a journey, or writing a book or even a letter. Ganesh mantras ward off evil and bless the devotee with abundance and success; evil spirits won’t dare enter the house or the mind of the devotee who recites them.

Mantra and texts of Bhajans, devotional chants.


Texts, Transliterations and Translations by Kalavati Maria Cristina Chiulli and from “Haidakhan Bhajans”, © Haidakhandi Samaj, India

Graphics and Computergraphics by Kalavati Maria Cristina Chiulli

Photos by Gianbarberis

Illustrations from Indian traditional iconography

Essay and experience by Kali Annamaria Gabelli

Languages: Transliteration from Sanskrit and Hindi, English


Digital Edition e-book ISBN 978-88-86340-53-3


Paperbook available here:


Ganesh, The Lord of Wisdom

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