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Kurukshetra Memorandum


Annunciation, Gestation and Delivery of a New Mankind

Proposal of Self Healing

by Jai Datt


To my Master Vishnu Datt Shastri, and to Thee, Master of all Masters, so that along the way back to Thee we'll never forget who we are, where and why we go, not loosing ourselves in dejection and doubt, keeping and increasing our force to resist and to go on in Thee.


After the happy years, gods and men, brothers, fought one against the other in those days at Kurukshetra. Gods and human brothers, after the happy years, will fight again, here and now, for the transformation of Earth, and Krishna will guide again the chariot of Arjuna.

This work is born from the certainty that our thought is the true architect of what we are. So working constantly at turning any negativeness positive in ourselves, patient and determined, our mind can regenerate while changing.

By the different threads of positive statements woven again by thought and gathered tight in one wire of Light, I form again the umbilical cord that reunites me to Thee, Cosmic Father-Mother, to receive through it Thy direct nourishment and so resisting until the imminent Rebirth to the New World.

This book is used in naturopathy as support to guided meditations and natural healing, such as Gestalt, Reiki, Rebirthing, etc.


Translation from Italian language by Maria Cristina Chiulli


1a Edizione Italiana © J. Amba Edizioni ISBN 978-88-86340-00-7

2° Edizione Inglese © J. Amba Edizioni ISBN 978-88-86340-48-9

Digital Edition e-book

Edizione Brasiliana: “Mensagens de Babaji” © Madras Editora, Sao Paulo, Brasil


3a Edizione Digitale eBook © J. Amba Edizioni


Kurukshetra Memorandum

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