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The Lord of the Three Worlds

fairy tale by Lali Letizia Locatelli


Series The Enchanted World


Text and Illustrations by Lali Letizia Locatelli

English Translation by Kalavati Maria Cristina Chiulli

Edition, Graphics and Computergraphics by Kalavati Maria Cristina Chiulli

Languages: Italiano & English


Digital Edition e-book

ISBN 9788886340557

© Copyright J. AMBA Edizioni


It's nice to know that a friendly place exists, where one can rest in the shadow of a tree, quench his thirst with the fresh water of a river and in the quiet countryside listen to the sound of a celestial melody, the music that the Lord of Light broadcasts eternally for those who can listen. Only those who can win over their laziness and selfishness offering their own heart to the world can listen. This is the only way to be happy and to make others happy...

"If you are happy, I am happy; if you are happy, the world is happy: you are the world". (Babaji)


Lali is the spiritual name that Letizia Locatelli, of Italian origin, has received by her spiritual Master Shri Hairakhan Babaji. The inspiration to write and illustrate this tale came when in 1980 Babaji asked to tell the children about his divine sports, or lila, in form of fairy tales.

“I was inspired by an extraordinary fact really occurred in the Indian ashram of Babaji at the foothills of the Himalayas: a serious drought was solved by the local villagers just following the instructions given by Babaji, the same described in this tale”.

Lali has lived many years with her family in Apulia, South Italy, and precisely in Cisternino, where an ashram exists, or spiritual community, dedicated to Babaji, since the end of the ‘70s in Valle d’Itria, a valley of olive trees similar to the valley of the tale. During these last years many families have settled down near the ashram, around one hundred people, adults and children, and every year some more come.

Lali has taken care of the ashram, cooperating for the realization of the projects promoted by the community of devotees.


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The Lord of the Three Worlds

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