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Lacchu Maharaj TABLA GURU

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It is said that Shiva played Tablas to conquer the heart of Pàrvati. These concerts are the love of Shiva and Pàrvati, the union of the Male and Female Principles to create Life. Lacchu Maharaji, great master of Tantra, by his genius leads us in a highest trip to find out oneness in the depths of our being.


Sound Roots

Didgeridoo Concerts by Kamalnath Klaus Theißssen for: Music Therapy, Meditation. Digital Live Recording in Hairakhan and Chiliyanaula, India.

Concerts of Tabla for:
Music Therapy, Meditation, Sacred Dance, Love Relations


Lacchu Maharaji (Lakshmi Narayan Singh), the mistery of whose fingers keeps his audience spellbound, takes his entire life in the practice of Tabla, keeping safely the invaluable musical wealth of his father, the renowed tabla player Pandit Vasudev Singhji, who has been disciple of the greatest Indian tabla players, learning more than 10,000 intricate compositions and elaborating an original technique, then inherited by Lacchu.

Lacchu considers music so pure, he does not mind about name and fame, but just of his art. Lacchu has the control of playing tablas of his ancestors, by which one can attract not only living beings, but also the five elements of nature. To reach this state he met many spiritual masters, learning so much about life, body and soul, that his entire life was changed.

Since 1962 he started living performances for All India Radio. Topmost artists like Sitara Devi, Bade Gulam Ali Khan, Maya Chatterji and others, all praised his accompaniment. It happened in some festivals that all the artists wished to play with him and so he had to play for several nights. Until now Lacchu has presented the magic of his Tablas only in concerts in India and Europe.

“Pandit Lacchu Maharaj, a representative of Benares Style, possesses a classic blend of talent in the field of Tabla. He has the distinction of having the rare combination and ‘taalim’ of all the living styles of India”. (Pioneer Varanasi, Nov. 1985)

Lacchu passed away on 2016. J. Amba has the great honour of presenting to the world his first recordings.


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