photo emotions & vision therapy

DVD for Home Video. Music Only


Babaji Mahavatar 

Live meditation and visual therapy.

The extraordinary images of Babaji Mahavatar filmed by his devotees in Hairakhan and during his travels throughout India.


CrazyEyes TanTrips

Series of video emotions by Gianbarberis. The Tantra Trips of CrazyEyes from a deeply material world to the center of Self.

Soft Dreams films

Series of video emotions by Gianbarberis. 

Slide-show of landscapes and still life by Gianbarberis.



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J. Amba donates part of its income to SHREE BABA HAIDAKHAN CHARITABLE & RESEARCH HOSPITAL (SBHCRH) in Chiliyanaula, India.

Buy from us to contribute to Babaji's humanitarian project!

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